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Reliable Movers

What are local moves? What conditions should a move meet to be considered a local move? First, for a local move the origin and destination of the move you intend on making must be in the same state. The second condition is that the total distance of your move must be under a certain total distance as determined by the moving company. Luna’s Family Moving is one of the leading cheap movers in Somerville, MA, and we take a lot of pride in the high level of customer service we offer our customers. Our knowledge of this geographical area is a great advantage for us compared to the local movers in this region. Feel free to check out our reviews online at

Moves that take place within a state, but are over 50 or 100 miles are considered to be long distance moves and are mainly determined by individual movers. Long distance moves have two main options; ’full service moves'' and ''self-service moves''. With full service moves, the mover will do all the moving work for you including packing and unpacking at the destination while in self-service moves, the homeowner will do all the packing for himself, and transport and unload the belongings at the destination. Any moves that cross state lines are called interstate moves, the prices of these moves are determined by the total weight of your belongings. Lastly, there are international moves, which are moves that cross from one country to another. This is the most complicated because one has to deal with the customs process, and international movers will be needed here. Luna’s Family Moving is the best moving company in Somerville, MA with a lot of moving experience.

To find cheap movers with the most reliable services, get in touch with the best moving company that you will find in the Boston, MA area, Luna’s Family Moving.

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