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What is moving insurance? Why do you need this insurance cover? There is nothing quite terrifying like seeing all your valued possessions stuffed in a truck headed to your new home, and not knowing if they will ever reach their destination in one piece. Just as you get life insurance to cover your personal health, moving insurance cover will give you a good night’s sleep while your belongings are in transit to the new home. Sometimes even the most careful and experienced movers cannot avoid some accidents. In the event that the truck with your belongings is involved in an accident, moving insurance will come in handy to pay out the damage. Luna’s Family Moving, based in Boston, MA. are licensed movers who have the best insurance cover for your belongings, and no loading and unloading movers do it like us. We are careful and on schedule at all times.

All movers are required by federal regulation to offer two types of cover to their clients for interstate moves. The first one is called released value protection, which simply means that you will only be reimbursed 60 cents per pound of each one of your belongings. Everything you own is definitely worth more than this amount. That is why long distance movers also provide ''full value protection'' based on your own valuation of the contents being transported. This cost will be based on 1% of this valuation, so if you decide your belongings are worth $100,000, you will pay about $1000 for the full value protection. The moving company will either have your item repaired or replaced, so you should contact the local moving company to understand the different covers available.

Loading and unloading movers should be careful enough. During loading, only good quality material should be used for covering furniture to avoid damage. While unloading, make sure your local moving company will not be in a hurry to unload your items to avoid damage. Contact Luna’s Family Moving if you are in Cambridge, MA for professional moving services.

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