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4 Tips for Seniors Downsizing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


Author: Bob Shannon

When you feel that you no longer have the need for a large family home, downsizing is often the next step. Many seniors decide to downsize in their golden years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely complicated the process! However, it’s still entirely possible to downsize safely, even in our current circumstances. These tips will help you declutter your home, decide what to do with your unnecessary belongings, and even figure out where you should move next.

Letting Go of Your Belongings

If you plan to downsize, decluttering and deep cleaning your home is the first step. Once you’ve determined what you want to keep and what you can get rid of, Better Homes & Gardens recommends cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces first and tackling one room at a time.

But what should you do with the items that you no longer need? First, consider giving them away to your loved ones. It can be hard to let go of once-cherished belongings, but your grandchildren would definitely appreciate having a few family heirlooms! You can also drop them off at local thrift shops or consignment stores. Finally, you should dispose of defective items by either recycling them or simply throwing them away.

Safely Selling Your Home

If you’re ready to move somewhere better suited to your current lifestyle, but you feel like the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown you off course, it might come as a relief to find out that as long as you take the right precautions, you can still sell your home at this time. However, be prepared for interested parties to request virtual tours over in-person showings because of stay-at-home orders, and to receive offers that may not be as high as you had hoped for.

Filming virtual tours or holding consultations over video chat is a great way to entice potential buyers and show off your home without taking any risks. Alternatively, you could work on staging your home now and wait a little longer before putting it on the market.

Choosing Where to Live

You may want to purchase a new, smaller home when you downsize, in which case you should seek out a house that has been specifically modified for seniors. You may also be interested in moving into a senior community. But which community is right for you? Before making any major decisions, it helps to understand the difference between independent and assisted living communities.

In an independent living community, you’ll be provided with housing, certain special services and amenities, and access to common spaces. But in an assisted living facility, residents also get additional support when it comes to everyday tasks, including bathing, getting dressed, and taking medication. If you don’t need help with your day-to-day responsibilities, independent living is a good choice, but if you know that you require a higher level of support, you should look at assisted living communities.

You will need to contact different communities to inquire if they are taking in new residents during this pandemic and discuss your options for virtual tours. Ask questions about daily life in the community, social programs, and any other services you’re specifically interested in. Keep in mind that Medicare will not cover a stay in assisted or independent living.

Making a Moving Plan

Once you have finally found a new place to live, it’s time to put together a plan for moving day! Make sure you work with a reliable and fully licensed and insured company like Luna’s Family Moving. Now that you’ve downsized, packing up will be a breeze—just make sure to properly label any boxes with fragile items!

Downsizing can be difficult. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a place you called home for so many years. But once you let go of the things you no longer need and move into a smaller space, you’ll have less stress weighing you down on a daily basis, and even with the challenges presented by COVID-19, it’s still worth the effort!

Call (857) 891-4515 to learn how the trained professionals at Luna’s Family Moving can get your items safely into your new home!

Photo via Unsplash

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